User states

The user can be in any one of the following states. The states can change based on admin activity or can be automatically triggered by the based on billing status. These states are listed below:

  • Active:

An active subscriber can authenticate and get Internet Access.

  • Pending-approval:

When subscriber has requested for Internet Access through hotspot registration portal which requires admin approval.

  • Pending:

When activation date is a later date than the present date.

  • Rejected:

When the subscriber has been rejected by admin after requesting for Internet Access.

  • Expired:

When expiration date is earlier than present date. This state is applicable to pay-as- you-go users and users without a billing profile configured.

  • Deleted:

When subscriber is deleted.

  • Blacklisted:

When the subscriber is blocked by clicking on the Block function.

  • Terminated:

When the subscriber is terminated. Usually termination would stop generating bills.

  • Suspended:

The subscriber would be suspended when he/she fails to pay their bill in the stipulated time. This state would be applicable to prepaid and postpaid users only.