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Jaze ISP Manager is a complete ISP management solution which comprises of AAA, Billing and Payment management, customer portals and mobile apps. The solution can be integrated with NAS or BRAS routers from multiple vendors including Cisco ASR 1000 and 9000 series, Cisco VXR 7200 series, Huawei NE and ME series, Juniper MX series and Mikrotik. The solution can also be integrated with wireless controllers from multiple vendors including Cisco, HP Aruba, Ruckus, etc. Jaze ISP Manager runs a RADIUS based AAA engine which handles the authentication from the BRAS routers and then deploys policies through vendor attributes and then keeps track of accounting on the sessions. The RADIUS also supports Change of Authorization(CoA) requests to handle dynamic policy changes and disconnection. The solution can be accessed and managed through the Web GUI to view and configure all modules on the application.

Jaze ISP Manager is deployed in two flavors:

1.On-premise application

2.Cloud-hosted application

Both deployment modes of the application provide the same set of features with the only variation being the location where the application is hosted.

The cloud hosted application is accessed on Jazenetworks and the on-premise application can be accessed on the Public/Private IP or domain mapped URL.

The on-premise application can be deployed directly on to a server through a Custom ISO or through the installation of Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit and then deploying the required custom packages on the base image. The solution can also be deployed on virtualized platforms such as VMware by deploying the OVA file directly on the hypervisor and then allocating an IP address.

First time installation using ISO/OVA image will take you through a registration wizard for the first time where you can define your credentials for dashboard access.

Jaze ISP Manager can also be deployed in active-active redundancy to provide high availability and uptime.

Deployment of application and server setup is beyond the scope of this user guide. This user guide focuses on dashboard functionality accessible through the Web GUI and configuration of the same for managing your ISP business.