Franchisee configuration

Jaze ISP Manager allows the creation of multiple sub-zones for franchisees and enables to setup revenue sharing with the administrators of these zones. You can setup the share percentage and the package pricing individually which each franchisee.

Franchisee configuration

You can also choose which packages are to be visible to which sub-zone and values for the Tax and TDS which have to be adjusted in the revenue calculation. You can choose the Allow Franchise to Add Limit to enable franchisee to make payment through payment gateway and also provide values for the minimum amount which can be added and maximum credit limit. You can also enable Commission Account to enable a percentage share for all transactions below the sub-zone in a multi-tier model. Enabling the reseller option allows creation of packages by the sub-zone admins. The Revenue log active days can be enabled to reverse any payments if required for the number of days defined.

Revenue sharing

The invoice breakup calculation provides an overview on the revenue share for each package which is available to the sub-zone franchisee.

Invoice breakup