User group actions

The user management page also provides shortcuts to apply actions over all users in all groups.

User group actions

  • Export All Users

Allows you to export all users to a csv file

  • Activate All Users

Activates all users who are in a expired state.

  • Suspend All Unpaid Users

Puts all users who have an outstanding unpaid amount into suspend state. Applicable to prepaid and postpaid users only.

  • Remove User Based IP Auth for All Users

Disables IP only based authentication for users who have it enabled.

  • Sync Static Queues

Synchronizes all static queues pushed to the router.

  • Release Static IP/MAC for All Users

Clears the IP and MAC entries on all the users.

  • View Users Pending Approval

Lists all users who are yet to be approved and who have registered through hotspot with approval enforced.

  • View Rejected Users

Lists all users who have been rejected by the administrator after requesting for access.

  • Create Groups for Packages

Automatically creates groups with the package name as the group name for all the packages in the zone.

  • Connect Router To Groups

Establishes a binding between the use groups and the routers for MRTG graphing.