Franchisee settings

Allows you define the business model for the franchisee. The Cash collected by Sub Zone enables payment collection by the franchisees directly from the en-users and the franchisees can either maintain a prepaid account balance with the top-zone which is used for renewals and user creations (or) the franchisees can be allocated a credit limit which can be cleared with the top-zonce once the limit is reached.

The Cash collected by Top Zone model enables all the payments to be directly collected by the top-zone and through the payment gateway of the top-zone. All the payments are collected by the top-zone and then transferred to the franchisees based on the revenue share.

The enforce captive portal and enforce policies enforces the same branding of the top-zone to all the sub-zones on the customer portal and hotspot landing pages.

The revenue can be calculated based on invoice generated with tax or without tax included. The taxes can be combined with multiple taxes and then deducted from the franchisee share.

  • Use override franchise share

Allows overriding of share percentage per franchisee option available to admin.

  • Use override share percentage

Allows overriding share percentage option to be available to admin.

  • Franchise override end user price

Allows overriding end-user price option to be available to the admin.

  • Franchise Override Share Inverse

Allows the option to be available to the admin.

  • Use Original Franchise Override Share Price

Allows the option to be available to the admin.

  • Reset Credit Limit

Allows reset of credit limit.

  • Hide Add Limit

Hides the Add Limit option to the franchisees.

  • Do not allow different User group and Package names

Enforce same name for user group and package name.

  • Reduce Limit

Allows entering negative values to reduce the account balance.

  • Reduce Commission account share from Sub-Zone

Allows commission deduction for commission account from the sub-zone.

  • Add Commission share to balance

Enables adding the commission to the account balance of the commission account.

  • Allow commission share to be negative

Allows selling at less than allocated pricing at a loss to end-user.