Advanced ticketing setup

The Ticket SLA tab also contains additional options using which the assignment, opening and closing of tickets can be managed.

  • Tickets Re-open Time Limit

Defines the number of days within with a user can reopen a closed ticket

  • Open Tickets Limit

Defines the number of open tickets which can remain open for a single user.

  • Automatic Ticket Assignment

Defines the method of allocating tickets to admins.

  • Assign ticket to next admin on time frame

Defines how to allocate tickets if not completed within the defined period for each ticket with different SLA.

  • Assign ticket to admins by level-wise

Defines the admins to whom the ticket should be escalated if not completed within the time frame.

  • Closing Ticket check from Admin side

Allow tickets to be closed from admin side only after sending a sessage.