Adding a user

Once the User groups are created, the user can be added to the appropriate user groups. To add a new subscriber, click on the add user under Users->User Management

  • Login Information

Provide the username and the password for the subscriber which will be used for authentication.

These credentials can also be used for logging into the customer portal. Changing the customer portal password does not change the login credentials used for authentication.

  • Zone Information

Select the Zone and the corresponding group in which the user is to be added.

  • Personal Information

First Name, Last Name, Address, Mobile and Email. The address will be the same which will be printed on the invoice for the subscriber.

  • Billing Information

    • Create Billing

    Disabling this option creates a user without billing.

    • Make Payment For Invoice

    Makes a payment entry against the first invoice generated when the user is created.

    • Choose what to do after bill due date

    You can choose to suspend or take no action if the user has unpaid invoices beyond the due date.

    • Exclude from reminder notifications

    This option will stop sending SMS and Email notifications to the subscriber.

    • GST Number

    The GST Number of the subscriber for tax purposes.

    • GST Applicable From

    The date from which the GST number is valid.

  • Other Information

This lets you specify the type of user and assign an auto-generated circuit ID.

  • Location Details

This option lets you define the Area, Street and Building used for payment collection purpose as well as the GPS coordinates of the subscriber’s location.

  • Proof

Lets you upload the scanned copies of the ID Proof, Address Proof, Customer Acquisition form and Installation report for compliance.

  • Network Information

    • Static IP allocation/MAC whitelist

    Allows you to define a static IP address for the customer. You can also choose to bind a MAC address for the subscriber. Get Free IP allocated a free IP address from the pool.

    • Enable IP Auth

    Enables checking of only IP address of the user for authentication.

    • Disable IP Auth

    Disables IP address based authentication for the user.

    • Disable MAC Auth

    Disables MAC address based authentication for the user.

    • Disable PPPoE Auth

    Disables PPPoE based authentication for the user.

    • Disable Hotspot Auth

    Disables Login Page based authentication for the user.

    • Create Static Queue in Router

    Enables creation of static queue on the router through the Mikrotik API.

  • Inventory

Allows mapping of stock items deployed for the subscribers.

  • Activation

Allows you to define the date on which activation of the customer account and start of billing. The Expiry date can be left blank and will get automatically updated based on the billing profile for the users.

  • Comments

Any additional information can be added here.

  • Notifications

Sends SMS and Emails to the subscriber intimating of new subscriber creation.