User group management shortcuts

The User Group menu provides shortcuts to many functions on the system.

User management

  • Generate Multiple Users

Creates multiple users with random username and password.

  • Import

Allows to import users from excel or csv.

  • Export

Allows to export all users to a csv.

  • Edit

Allows you to change the name of the group.

  • Delete

Deletes the entire group and the users in it.

  • Restricted Group Change

Allows you to define if the users in the particular group can move to which set of groups.

  • Remove User Based IP Auth

Allows you to remove IP based authentication configured on a per-user basis.

  • Sync Static Queues for this group

Allows syncing statically created queues through the Mikrotik API.

  • Release IP/MAC

Clears the IP and MAC fields for all users in the group.