Frequently Asked Questions

Can Jaze ISP Manager be deployed on-premise or is it cloud hosted?

Jaze ISP Manager provides options for both on-premise as well as cloud deployment. The application functionality and feature are the same regardless of the flavor.

How can I import my Existing data into Jaze ISP Manager?

Yes. Jaze ISP Manager allows uploading of users from excel or csv formats including data used, outstanding balances and excess payments. Please note that invoices will start generating only from the start of migration and older invoice cannot be copied to the new system. Only opening and closing balances will be copied.

Is mobile app provided with Jaze ISP Manger?

Yes. Jaze ISP Manager provides two mobile apps – one for admins and another for customers. There are currently available for Android only.

Does Jaze ISP Manager support external payment gateways and SMS gateways?

Yes. All payment gateways and SMS gateways which are listed on the application can be integrated by just providing the API credentials. New gateways can be integrated for an integration fee.

What are the NAS routers with which Jaze ISP Manager can be integrated?

Jaze ISP Manager can integrate with Cisco ASR 1000 and 9000 series, Juniper MX series, Huawei ME and NE series, Mikrotik, Nokia, Ericsson and any other RADIUS compatible NAS including Cisco WLC, HP Aruba and more.

Does Jaze support both IPv4 and IPv6?

Yes. Jaze ISP Manager provides support for both IPv4 and IPv6 at the same time including all the IPv6 vendor attributes.

What are the minimum system or hardware requirements for installation?

Minimum hardware requirements to handle 500 active subscribers would be 4-cores, 2.4GHz or higher, 4GB RAM, 250GB diskspace.

Does Jaze ISP Manager provide redundancy?

Yes. Jaze ISP Manager provided active-active redundancy across servers for providing 100% uptime for mission critical networks.

How can I backup my server running Jaze ISP Manager?

Jaze ISP Manager provides multiple options including manual backup, scheduled backup, backup to FTP and Google drive.

Does Jaze ISP Manger manage NAT logs?

Yes. Jaze ISP Manager can manage NAT logs from your syslog, compress them and split them into smaller files which can then be later parsed with a text editor.